Guangzhou, China Photographer, Shannon Gill
Photo of Shannon by Steve Palm

Hi there! My name is Shannon and I'm the one behind the camera at Shannon Gill Photography. My career in photography started over eight years ago and taught me the science and beauty of capturing powerful images that tell a story. The subjects I was photographing, however, were of a very different subject matter than the adorable children and loving families I work with today. My professional experience has been in forensics and crime scene investigation. Seeing the worst that humanity is capable of, spurred in me the passion to follow my heart and capture the things in life that are most beautiful. It gives me immense pleasure to be able to take a piece of equipment and capture moments of joy, laughter, and love, that can live on forever and not just be a memory.

My preference is to use natural light for my photographs whenever possible. Not only is it the most flattering light, it also helps people feel at ease and forget that they have a camera pointed at them. I want to capture moments, expressions, and emotions as they unfold. You won't hear me utter the phrase, "say cheese", as I want to photograph moments as they naturally happen. I strive with every session to create images that are spontaneous and depict the individual personality and beauty of each person that I photograph. I aim to take photos that ignite an emotion in you that rekindles the feeling of that moment forever. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is true, but I also want you to feel them.

I will be forever grateful to my husband for his unwavering support of my venture into becoming the professional photographer I have always dreamed of. It is because of his encouragement that I had enough faith in myself and my talent to take that leap and really make it happen. He has an amazing job that moves us all across the world where I have the opportunity to photograph remarkable people and places.

Life, truly is a journey. Contact me, so we can begin an adventure together.

   Shannon Gill, Photographer